Legacy Transfer

Legacy planning can be critical as it allows you to direct how you would like your assets to be managed and distributed at lifes conclusion

Efficient Wealth Transfer

Prestige Limited truly believe that it is imperative to manage your legacy correctly. After a certain period of time, having expanded and maximised your wealth and estate you may begin to consider how you will incorporate the transfer of your hard-earned wealth and assets in the most tax efficiently way. This could involve making philanthropic donations to a chosen foundation or cause, ensuring that your family members or trustees benefit appropriately from your efforts and are able to enjoy your wealth with minimal depletion due to taxation.

We can also assist you with the continuation of your private business and prepare for a potential sale of transfer if and when this may become necessary. We are able to offer competent strategies that will help to support you with any of these eventualities should they transpire, ensuring that it is taken care of easily and efficiently.

Legacy Planning

Planning for the future can be challenging. It can be especially difficult to look beyond your own lifetime, you can be reassured of our professional approach.

Arranging your transition plans to correlate with your objectives:

  • Identify a total valuation of your assets and wealth as a whole.
  • Determine suitable processes that will allow for tax-efficient handover of assets or wealth.
  • Guarantee that your specific wishes are followed for the future of your wealth involving the future generations of your family.
  • Delegate the administration of the division of your assets between your beneficiaries.

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