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We emphasize transparency and advocacy for our clients based on
unbiased advice – confidentiality – flexibility

Our Flexible Fluid Process

Our team at Prestige Limited appreciate that your individual financial circumstances are unique and unlike any other client. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that we do not propose a ‘one size fits all’ service. We are dedicated to continually improving and modifying our solutions in accordance to your personal situation, ensuring that we consistently generate the growth and progression that you desire.

When moving within the ever-changing financial markets and global economy, it is essential to have an element of guidance and control. Our process incorporates this discipline while also maintaining an appropriate level of fluidity and flexibility. This combination ensures that you continue to achieve success through consistent income rates and stable performance results.

Our service is intrinsically focused on you as a valued client.

Our Professionals

Your dedicated wealth advisor will organise and coordinate the entirety of your personalised service; Prestige Limited’s manager will play a pivotal role in creating and developing your financial plan. The unified connection between our specialist teams facilitates a superior level of service as it streamlines your access to a pool of talented professionals that specialize in multiple financial disciplines.

Therefore, delegating the management and organisation of your wealth planning to your relationship manager ensures that you continue to receive the highest quality service that is multifaceted, complex and tailored to you, yet all without the most time consuming elements of the process.

Our Core Processes


Prestige Limited must coherently understand your financial requirements and goals.


We must continually analyse the financial markets, asset classes, products and the global economy as a whole.


We will cohesively discuss the results of our superior research and recommend the most suitable strategies. You are the main driving force and we will ensure that your educated decisions reflect your targets and risk tolerance.


No strategy can remain static. Due to market behaviour and your changing needs, we will develop your plan in order to maintain the maximum standard of success and progression.

Our Philosophy



Prestige Limited provide essential diversification across asset classes, investment styles and managers. Some commentators have stated that diversification does not work or will not work in our current environment. Our view is there has never been a better time for a diversified portfolio


Risk Adjusted Returns

Our mission is to provide proactive and prudent advice to help our clients articulate their values and goals for their wealth. We strive to accomplish this objective by achieving investment returns consistent with their income needs and risk tolerance by structuring well diversified portfolios.


Capital Preservation

The most detrimental aspect to an investment portfolio over time is the introduction of undue, unnecessary risk. We employ risk management at every level of our investment process, from the initial assessment, to portfolio implementation, to ongoing oversight and rebalancing.

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